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Finding FREEDOM!!!

HOW do you find FREEDOM???

How is it that one finds freedom? 

What exactly is freedom?

For me......

Freedom was from the bat I kept hitting myself with...but it goes deeper than that.

That bat was there because of all of these expectations I had, expectations that weren't necessarily mine to begin with. These were things I carried over from childhood and life in general...They were cultural and societal too. I didn't need those expectations at all and in fact....they were holding me back.

Maybe you can relate?

So, finding freedom from the titles of worker, business owner, mother, daughter, sibling wound up being the catalyst to finding myself and my beliefs. Once I truly tapped into healing those parts of myself I found FREEDOM.

What this movement is about....

Helping other women to see the beauty in themselves!

Finding the safety to breathe, the safety in the breath and body and allowing that to fuel the inner healing which then fuels the outer healing. 

Here's the thing.... when we go through things in life that are tough...maybe we see a therapist....maybe we do the mindset work...but..those things live in the body. YOUR BODY REMEMBERS EVERYTHING!!! 

By using the breath, we get into the body to release those things that tell us we aren't enough and then watch the change as we work through your nutrition and physical body! It's night and day. It becomes easy to take care of yourself. It becomes easy because you're not locked into being someone else. You are you....you find love and compassion for yourself and all your pieces. 

I invite you to check out my programs, grab a freebie or reach out to me directly if this resonates with your soul. I would love to talk and see how we might work together to guide you on your journey.

You can check out my story on the about me page!

WHO am I??

My name is Heather and I am personally invested in your success. I work through various modalities to help you find what works for your body, spirit and time!

I am the Irish Breath Guide, guiding your breathwork, dance and intuitive movement.

I am a holistic personal trainer who looks at your entire body and the mechanics of it to understand and help you make the most out of your movement.

I want you to feel FREE and AMAZING in your body. It is the temple that houses your soul. I want to help you connect with all pieces of you throughout our work together!

I am certified as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, 500hr Yoga teacher, TRX instructor and have a BFA in Dance. 

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